Lisa  Angelo

Author Friends

I believe it's nice to share information, so I've decided to provide links to my writing friends websites. Enjoy!


Jayne Ormerod

Jayne writes Cozy Mysteries and Romance.  She has several titles out and her website is -


Sandra Brown Rarey

Sandra loves to write Horror stories.  She has several titles out and her website is -


Eliza Fleetwood

Eliza is a Romantic Suspense writer.  Her books are available on and her website is -


Eric Hartman

Eric is a co-worker and he writes a blog about investing, but also random thoughts.  Check him out at his website -


Zelda Partee -

Zelda is a fellow Pitch Fest alum.  We had a lot of fun learning together.  Check out her book on Amazon. 


Les Jensen -

Les interviewed Lisa on his radio blog.  He was self published with Balboa Press as well.  Check out his website at -


M. W. Powell -

M. W. is the husband of a friend of mine.  His debut mystery novel is now out.  Check out his website at -