Lisa  Angelo

Empowering Thoughts

Isn't Life Amazing?

 When life gives you lemons, what comes to mind?  Do you decide to make lemonade or use them in a pie or consider using the juice in a casserole or grumble about not having the right ingredients?  Why?  Because in Life you have plenty of choices.  Life has always been about picking from different options.  It’s true.

 People begin to freak out when given a choice.  They are afraid to make a wrong move.

 Do you?  Ask yourself these questions.  If you decided to change jobs or move or run for a political office, how does it make you feel?  Does your stomach clench?  Does it feel like you’re walking on sunshine?  Obviously you want the one that makes you the happiest.  This can be one way to help take the stress out of making a decision.

 What if you looked at things differently?  What if it didn’t matter which choice you made because you would end up at the same final destination?  Would this lower your stress level about making choices?

 Let’s try this idea - you are going on a safari, should you choose the direct or longer route to get there?  Would you willingly fly to Africa even if it took extra days to get there?  What if things changed in mid-stream?  Do you panic or go with the flow?

 First, consider your options.  What if the new route provided you additional stops, like Victoria Falls or Morocco, before heading to the safari?  Does this entice you or turn you off?  What if you were able to see a soccer match or a museum?  These could be the options you are provided -- if you go with the flow.

 Consider this - you will see the animals in their natural habitat eventually.  Was it horrible that you took a few days longer to see the animals?  No, because you got there in time.  You took a more scenic route.  You were able to witness nature in it’s true form by watching the magnificent water falls or wander through the merchant stalls in Morocco or ride a camel.  You were able to learn more versus going directly to the safari.  You were able to increase your experiences to relive in your memories forever.

 Were either path the wrong way?  No, remember, you got to the same place in the end.

 Isn’t that amazing?  You took a path and saw the same results.  Doesn’t that take the fear away from making a choice?  That’s what was holding you back.  Fear.  Fear of making a choice and being wrong.  Now you know that it’s not about how fast you get there, but the journey and the end result.  Consider it as creating a better memory.  Then relax and enjoy the safari.  Trust the universe is working for you and you’ll be okay.

 So, what’s stopping you from creating an amazing life now?

Is Your Life Pitch Perfect?


 Have you ever seen the movie “Pitch Perfect” before?  If not, you really should.  The story is cute, but the music is even better.  I won’t give away the gist of the movie in case you haven’t seen it.  What I will do is take a concept from the movie in order to help you create a pitch perfect life.

 What could I mean?  Consider this - change things up in your life.  I don’t mean anything drastic.  I mean take the normal drive to work and then find another route for the way home.  What about discovering somewhere new to eat out instead of always having pizza on Fridays?  How about adding a new color palette to your makeup or add new pillows to your living room couch.  There are lots of ways to make life a bit more exciting and they don’t take any money.  If you normally read science fiction books, then try a mystery novel instead.

 The idea is to get you out of your comfort zone without causing you extra stress.  Society has given us the fear of change or a fear of being different.  They make us feel terrible things will happen if we try to be unique or if we want to do things easier.  They create a world of control instead of a go with the flow attitude.  They have made it seem like you have to be in a lack-luster job versus doing something you love.  They have forced us to choose between money and creativity.

 A lot of the people I coach are creative types.  They’ve been given an ultimatum to do what they love and be broke or give it up and make money to pay the bills.  What has this done to our society?  It has made us very unbalanced, miserable at our jobs, and still searching for ways to make more money.  So the point was?  I haven’t figured out why our society did this, but I don’t feel it’s important to find out the why.  I feel it’s critical that we make changes instead.

 We have control over our own lives.  We can create opportunities by being happier in our current situation.  It doesn’t mean quit your job or tell your boss that they are stifling your creativity.  It means use your imagination.  It means take your love of music and find a way to bring you inner joy.  Do you really have to make money doing it?  Would you feel better if you could sing in a church choir?  Would you feel better volunteering to sing for a Veteran’s group?  Would you feel better singing in the shower?

 Think outside the box.  There are apps you can purchase to record your voice.  Sing your heart out and send it to your friends.  They will appreciate the music because it comes from you.  You can make one person smile.  Isn’t that a better use of your time than witching about a job that provides food?  We can change the world this way.  How?  By making people smile and happier.  It generates a better atmosphere in your environment and that ripples out into the world.  If you want to make the world change and be pitch perfect, well, it begins with you.


Carbon versus Energetic Footprint

 Everyone is concerned today about the environment.  I’m thankful for that.  I had a thought the other day about how everyone is working hard to keep their carbon footprint smaller now than in previous years.  I applaud this effort, and I need to work more on mine.  What I realized though is that we are missing another important footprint.  We need to clean up our energetic footprint too.

 What do I mean by that?  I’m talking about the negative baggage we carry around with us all day.  We also build up more daily, and sometimes quicker than we can turn around.  We can even pick it up by going to the store, work, or driving.  Think about road rage.  Fighting for parking spots.  Dealing with shortages in personnel at work.  Negative energy can be found in lots of locations.  This is why it is important we change now.  We can do our part and clean up the environment.

 To get a better idea of what I mean, think about PigPen from the Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons.  You never see the child because he’s surrounded in dirt.  Another visual would be the commercials by Febreze Air Freshener.  The ones that state you are numb to the smell, but everyone else smells the odor.  That’s how the negative energy is around most of us.  We live it and breathe it for days on end.  This can cause you to become insensitive to it.

 How do we make changes?  You have to be – willing - to acknowledge it, but also to try a different approach.  When someone mentions you did a great job, do you instantly believe they want something or have an ulterior motive?  If so, then you acknowledge the thought and decide to change it.  You tell the person – thank you – and go on your way.  Don’t second guess the motive.  Don’t overthink the comment.  Here’s another one I’ve seen happen especially with women and mothers.  Do you have someone telling you that you are skinny or looking good, and you immediately argue or point out the locations of the fat?  If you do this, well, then you need to acknowledge their comment by saying – thank you – and not belittle yourself anymore.  Focus on the good and leave the bad at the door.  Think about your reaction when someone cuts you off or doesn’t allow you to move over.  Can you react differently?  Yes, you can choose to wave and not get mad.  What if someone gets that closer parking spot instead of you?  Don’t get angry.  Park further and thank them for allowing you to have more exercise that time.

 You have to be willing to see how you react and choose a better option in how you behave in return.  It’s not that easy?  That’s what the negative energy wants you to believe.  It takes 40 days to change a habit and form a new one.  Try to change your negative energy into a more positive one every day and then it will become a new way of life for you.  Get a friend to help you out.  I point it out when friends speak rudely to themselves.  It depends on the situation if I’m gentle or bark at them.  They made the changes, so that tells me you can too.

 Give yourself a goal to reach when you start to make the changes.  It doesn’t have to be anything big.  You can give yourself flowers at the end of the 40 days and you see the changes.  You will begin to notice the difference though.  You will see people are being nicer to you.  The better you treat yourself, then the better you are treated by others.  As you remove the dirt and odor, then people can see the true beauty of you within.  This is one quick easy, and less expensive, way to help the world.  Now is the time for you to step up and do your part to clean the environment.