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Awakening to Love

  Lisa Angelo's first novel is still available.   Check your favorite bookseller to purchase it.


Here is a blurb about the story.


  Have you ever wondered about Fate and Destiny?  These words have been used to describe unusual events over centuries.  Have you ever wondered why certain things happen?  Sometimes it would be nice to know God’s plan for us.  But, what if God was at his wits end in order to create more love in the world?  What if he decided to bring humans to an Enlightening Zone to help them learn lessons about love?

  Awakening to Love is a romantic adventure about Marcus and Shayla’s journey to the Enlightening Zone.  Marcus is more focused on thrills and chills.  Shayla allows her fears to hold her back.  Join them as they learn about life and love from another perspective.  Watch them grow and stumble through their challenges.  Root for them as they embrace all life has to offer.





Moonlight & Roses


Lisa Angelo's second book is now available.  Please check your favorite bookstore online.  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and others.


Excerpt -

May, 1773 Paradise Retreat Near the James River in the Virginia Colony

 “Ethan, dear, quit fidgeting with your cravat. You will ruin it before our guests arrive.” Ethan watched his paternal grandmother, Sarah Huntington, tuck in the ends to his neck cloth. He struggled not to roll his eyes. He would have pushed her away, but she was not a person to upset. She had been by his grandfather's side and assisted him in building their shipping company. Her visits to the dock taught her how to handle a man, and she could curse better than any sailor when she was riled. He knew this party was important for them, but he was not interested in finding a wife. This event was arranged for him and his cousin to meet the ladies of the surrounding area around Williamsburg. He felt it was a waste of time. He would have preferred discussing politics in a tavern or wandering around a ship building business instead of this humiliation. He glanced down and held his frustrated sigh. She patted his face. “There, there. You have no need to panic. Your grandfather and I are here along with Jeremiah. We can assist you in picking out the perfect wife.” The gleam in her eyes told him she was up to something and she had an uncanny way to read his thoughts. Ethan blew out his breath and rubbed the back of his neck to remove the pressure building there. “I am not upset about the guests, Grandmother. I am perfectly capable of finding my own wife.” He gave her a pointed look. “Without assistance.” He grinned and kissed her cheek. “Anyway, no one can compare to you, so your plan is doomed to fail before it begins.” He winked at her. “I am also not interested in anyone who is perfect.” “You are a naughty boy.” She smacked his hand. “Behave or I may pick her out myself.” She searched his face. “There truly is no need for concern, Ethan. A wife will be good for you. You will see the benefits.” Ethan knew he had to steer her thoughts in another direction or she would realize he did not want to marry yet. He hated disappointing her especially when she was so happy being on the plantation. “My concern revolves around Mother and Father.” Which was close to the truth. “They should have arrived from Maryland hours ago.” He hoped this would keep her busy for a few minutes. He walked to the window and looked out. “Father sent a note stating they would arrive yesterday. It is not like him to be late.” He turned quickly when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was his cousin, Jeremiah, and the other person condemned to finding a wife at tonight's ball. Jeremiah, dressed in his formal attire, looked grimly at Ethan. He held out a folded piece of paper. “Marshall gave me this note a few moments ago.” “What is it?” Sarah peeked over his arm and gasped. “Are you certain?” Alistaire Huntington, paternal grandfather to the boys, walked in briskly which was amazing considering his age of sixty five. He rubbed his hands together. “Why is everyone standing around?...........................